CADMA logoThe Creative Arts Digital Media Academy has been established to engage and educate youth. CADMA provides students with an understanding of digital media through exposure to current technologies. Youth acquire the necessary skills to create their own videos, news broadcasts, websites, and on-air radio broadcasts. Youth receive instruction in communications and journalism; television, video and film editing; digital photography; web design, social media and blogging; the use of digital media in business; and the use of social media for social change.
The CADMA Program is FREE.

Creative Arts Digital Media Academy:
Is a digital media leadership program that utilizes, computers and digital technology where students research news, create websites, on-air radio broadcast, and videos. The curriculum:

  • Combines journalism, film, visual arts and digital technology to develop youth leaders, improve digital literacy, academics, and expose youth to careers in media technology.
  • Teaches web and graphic design
  • Includes editing videos and music
  • Teaches camera operation

Students also gain:

  • Valuable leadership skills
  • Knowledge of how to implement social change through art
  • Techniques to effectively use the media to inform their peers.

Students will learn to:

  • Write journalistically
  • Research traditional and electronic sources
  • Review ethical and legal responsibilities
  • Understand digital media through exposure to current technologies, ex. multimedia, digital photo, digital video, digital audio, apps, and social media.
  • Create/market an interactive website, social media.
  • Market and create their own businesses/class projects using digital media.

The next session of CADMA classes will be listed here. Check back soon.

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